Rabbit, Egg, Trees

The day before my departure from SF, my friend Alora, a Pitzer alum now living in the Bay, came to visit me.  Both exhausted from long days, she joined me in the laundry-mat while I cleaned my clothes.  From her bag she pulled a deck of nature cards.  Excited to find some wisdom in the cards, I shuffled them and quieted my mind.  I pulled three cards to represent past, present, and future and was quite amazed at what I saw. 

In my past is rabbit, representing challenge.  As the card explained, I have undergone hard work, intensity, and challenges which is true, in many ways.  I often push myself to the limits and work very hard, in school and in my community.  The intensity to which I approached my responsibilities last semester certainly paid off, but I was not cruising (shout out to my family at the Shakedown, things are looking mighty good from here!).

My present experience is egg: birth.  New projects and ideas are flowing around me.  I am starting fresh, beginning anew, and it is the start of something beautiful.  The card advised to have to attitude of innocence; enthusiasm and excitement of starting something I always dreamed of should drive me, not be inhibited by fear of the unknown. 

Trees lie in the future, as community, allies, support, and network.  A loving and supportive community is in creation around me.  It is an important time to work with others for a greater good.  Feelings of loneliness are soon to be healed by people with shared interests.  I don’t have to walk alone anymore.   None of us do.  It is a good time to bring our energy out into the world.  

Whether or not you believe there is any wisdom pulling cards, these little messages rung true to me and are helpful in sharing my experience.  I leave San Francisco ready, excited, and grounded.  As a group, we are striving to be intentional, open, and aware or our positionality.  Ready or not, here we come, Uganda!